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      The Economics and Management School of Hubei University of Technology can be traced back its history to 1985. In 2015, the current school was established through the merger of two different schools: the former Management School, the former Economics, Political Science and Law School.
     The School includes 7 departments: International Trading, Finance, Energy  Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Management Science & Engineering and Public Administration. Currently, they are offering 11 undergraduate programs (such as finance, international economics & trading, Insurance, Energy Economics, Marketing, Financial Management, Accounting, E-Commerce, Information Management and Information System, Administration Management, and Human Resources), 3 academic master programs (such as Applied Economics, Business Administration and Management Science and Engineering) , 2 professional master degree programs (such as MBA, MPA).
    The school is committed to the discipline construction, treating education as its fundamental, complying withteaching and research development. With a focus on real-world practice, the school aims to put students in the field with developing a range of timely abilities, including leadership, strategy, finance, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Applied Economics has been approved to be the provincial key first level discipline. "Hubei circular economy development research center" and "Hubei rural social management innovation research center" are two key research sites of humanities and social sciences in Hubei province. The school also participated in the provincial "Hubei Chutian scholars" project including 4 positions of applied economics, finance, business administration, management science and engineering. Moreover,"marketing" was authorized as the brandprovincial undergraduate course. "Marketing", "Accounting" were rated as provincial excellent courses. The economic and management experimental teaching center is approved to be Hubei provincial experimental teaching demonstration center.
    Currently, the school has a faculty of 147 full-time teachers, and among these, there are 24 full professors and 50 associate professors. And over 60% of the faculty have got the PhD degrees. More and more academics from overseas famous universities have joined the school. The school has 6 “Chutian Scholars”, 2 experts of the"Hubei Hundred Talents Project",and over 50 teachers have the study abroad experience.
    The school continuously enhancesits educational strength and core competitiveness, forming10 scientific research teams. They had won 14 National Natural Science Foundation of China,10 National Social Science Foundation of China, 1 national research by the Ministry of science and technology, 28 the Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation by the Ministry of education, 1Sino-British government framework agreement project, 1Sino-German government framework agreement project, over 100 provincial research projects, published 20 monographs and published nearly 200 academic papers annually.
    The School currently has more than 4,700 students, over 600 master students, 3,300 undergraduates and over 100 international students. About 730 are registered to study the Sino-foreign cooperation projects in running a school. Basedon the “721 development plan”, the school is actively cultivating students innovative spirit and practical ability, training a large number of innovative talents. Students won gold, silver and bronze medalsin the "Challenge Cup" business plan contest, 1 first prizein the United States college mathematical modeling contest,1 grand prize in the National College English FinalContest.

School Address: Liberal Arts Building, Hubei University of Technology
Contact: (027)59750550
Post Code: 430068